Friday, January 25, 2008

Revoltnation in the New York Times - The Real Issue At Hand

Regardless of how you feel towards top-diggers (and this has never been an issue of "top diggers versus others" - and anybody who falls into that trap misunderstands the issue) you have to recognize something is important when the New York Times, the paper of record, publishes a story on it.

"Top Digg Users Revolt Against Algorithm Change on Site"

My only complaint about the story and how the larger community has taken it: The issue at hand is about transparency. Algorithm change, top diggers, cult of personality -- all of this falls to the wayside. They are all a distant second.

Transparency is what makes a democracy run well. That is what we want - and it is upon the word of Jay and Kevin that they will provide a mode of communication that this mini-protest got called off. Let's hope they follow through. Once that communication is set up, I hope we continue to break down the walls to make Digg a more transparent place.


Greg said...

Here Here!

gnomey said...

I have blogged about the transparency issue tonight as well and submitted to Mixx. It is one of my major beefs with Digg.

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