Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Resolution #1: No Digging Till Monday

The Drill Down is on LIVE right now.

A chatroom of over 70 prominent Diggers has agreed to stop digging until Monday. The hope is that Kevin and Jay will respond to the open letter by then. Mr.BabyMan has invited Jay and Kevin on The Drill Down to discuss issues.

On Monday (or Tuesday if we are feeling lazy) they will reconvene to decide what is the next thing to do (will the boycott continue or will concerns be met).

Until then: Don't contribute to Digg, but DO NOT spam, auto-bury or do anything unproductive.

Go out and participate at a different social news site -- think of it as an adventure.


Tomboys said...

Hey! I feel left out! I want to join the chat room!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what incredible egomania. The only perceptible difference that the absence of '70 prominent diggers' is likely to result in is the exact same freely available links appearing on the front page, albeit submitted by different 'less prominent' diggers.

rJonesX said...

Im shutting down the Digg Noise Filter until then, which a lot of people use to digg.

Anonymous said...

have you guys seen fully personalized, tunable, very promising, but not yet ready for the prime time :(

Anonymous said...

What will this do to Digg? Absolutely nothing. Your guys' submissions are often dupes anyway. Without 70 diggers or so, 700,000 will fill the gap. Watch.

Stop getting all worked up about e-politics, if you want to revolt there are PLENTY of things in the world to revolt about.

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